Fish-e-Tales Interactive childrens books for iPad and Android devices

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Entrancing, May 1, 2011
By Baloo
What a great Children's story, my 3 year old loved listening and playing with the interactive pictures! I wish I had a tablet so that the pictures were bigger. We still read it three times in a row!

Wonderful introduction to nature and ecology, May 5, 2011
By Grammy
This lovely story depicts the journey of a raindrop from cloud to sea. It provides a wonderful introduction to nature and ecological concepts in a fun and interactive fashion. Children and adults will appreciate the high quality graphics as well as the opportunities to participate as the tale unfolds via the interactive touch screen pictures and audio features. I highly recommend this insightful tale.

Wonderful For Grandchildren time, May 2, 2011
By susanlingner
This book is truly a work of art. My Grandchild loved all the interaction and we both loved the story. This is the ideal book to share with your kids and grandkids. It keeps their attention and the animation is amazing. I can't wait for more books to follow.

Fish-e-Tales Interactive Books for iPad and Android Devices

Fish-e-Tales are written to bridge the gap between a child’s passion for all things electronic, and their parents (and grandparents) warm memories of a sleepy child being read to before bedtime. E-tales are designed to be read personally to your child or you can let our reader take over when you are not available. Rich illustrations and subtle background noises, surprises and interactive play will add to your adventure all along the way.

Mother Ocean Father Sun

Mother Ocean Father Sun

Follow Ayashi the raindrop and her sisters as they travel from deep in the forest, along small creeks and great rivers, past small towns and big cities to Mother Ocean.

Go with her as she climbs high into the sky and travels across the land to the giant mountains.

Along the way you can play with butterflies, sail a boat, watch a train and listen to the sound of the birds waking up in the forest.

Click the book to watch a video.


The Perfect Rainy Day

The Perfect Rainy Day

Owen loves his summer visits with his Grandparents on the coast of Maine. He especially loves the wonderful treasures that he and his Grandmother discover walking along the rocky shoreline.

Waking one morning to the sound of rain on the roof , he learns that sometimes disappointment can turn into adventure when you have a plan B!


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